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Urgent Need for Scholarship Funds

One of the joys of being in a long term relationship with ministries we support is seeing the orphans from tragic backgrounds grow in their faith and mature in so many ways. For example, Anil in India, who was orphaned at the age of eight, survived by stealing and hanging out with older boys who got him hooked on opium. After being arrested by the police they turned him over to Feed My People where he accepted Christ as Savior. Anil is now 18 years old and studying to be a Lab Technician. He has one more year to complete his program and needs our help!

In other cases, the children at House of Refuge in Myanmar, need a tutor to help them with their studies. So far none of the children at the home have been able to pass the exam to graduate from secondary school.

Three of the orphans at Congo for Christ Center Orphanage are attending university. Two additional boys graduated secondary school (high school) this past year and have been unable to attend university due to a lack of funding. One of the boys has someone who will pay his tuition if we can pay his living expenses. These are bright, hardworking young people who relish a chance to improve their lives. When these orphans continue in university, we apply the funds from their monthly sponsors to help with school expenses. One of the boys, Washikala, desperately desires to attend college but so far has no sponsor.

Every donation to the scholarship fund will be carefully invested into the life of an orphan who will appreciate your help so much!


Blog Post Adapted From Global Outreach Inc February 2018 Newsletter

Volume 33 Issue 02

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