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With more than 160 million inhabitants living in an area encompassing 57,000 square miles, Bangladesh is one of the world's most densely populated countries.  Bangladesh is also one of the world´s poorest countries, with nearly half of the population subsisting on less than one dollar per day. The recurrence of devastating floods and cyclones often result in tremendous loss of life and property.  Bangladesh is a country where forms of extremism have increasingly been on the rise, generating hostilities toward Christian groups.  Bangladesh is a country that desperately needs to hear about and experience the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.  This is exactly what "Caring for the Children"* ministry is striving to do in this nation that still has many unreached people groups.  It is under these conditions that Caring for the Children is courageously taking the gospel message of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard it before.  They are also reaching out to provide food, clothing, shelter, education and other forms of assistance to thousands of orphaned children and families who have been abused, abandoned and neglected.  Please pray for the safety and success of Caring for the Children as they strive to fulfill the Great Commission by taking the Gospel to the tribal people in the remote villages of Bangladesh.

* Names of ministries, pastors, and individuals are changed when we write about news in Bangladesh to protect those who are sharing the gospel in a hostile environment.

There are thousands of orphans and destitute children in the tribes who need to hear the message of Jesus Christ. These children are deprived from all basic human needs, abused and abandoned. They are hopeless, hungry and lonely. Our purpose is to evangelize these tribes and promote the total development of these orphans and destitute children by sharing God’s love and compassion. We also strive to provide shelter with loving care in a home atmosphere, adequate nutrition, healthy social interaction and education.

Pastor Samuel

When Global Outreach started this partnership, Pastor Samuel and three other ministers who work with him have no financial support. This is the type of ministry that Global Outreach loves to support. Donations from our partners can make a world of difference in helping these ministers share the love of Christ with many who are hearing for the “first time ever” the name of Jesus Christ!

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