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Floods in India

Reverend Thomas, founder of Feed My People (FMP) in India continues to seek help for numerous challenges they are facing.  They have suffered much from the Covid virus and we have sent financial aid several times.  They have provided food to hundreds of people and continue to feed children and the elderly who are in dire need.  We have also provided financial assistance to pay medical bills for pastors who have been hospitalized due to the ongoing pandemic. In October ravaging rain and flooding have added to the misery.  Two of the orphanages built by Global Outreach about twenty eight years ago, have been heavily damaged or destroyed.  Pastor Thomas explained that one night around midnight, the roof of Regulagunta orphanage was damaged and the tiles were dropping into the bedrooms where the children were sleeping.  He said, “the children cried out to the Lord and Pastor Paul and his wife embraced the children and led them outside.  After two hours outside in the wind and rain, they were able to get them safely inside the church.”  Another FMP church collapsed and Pastor Raju and his family safely escaped. It is also time to send money to buy the fabric to sew school uniforms for the children.  When possible we also send funds to provide treats or a small gift for the children at the 13 orphanages for Christmas.  This year Pastor Thomas is asking for funds to purchase blankets for the children.  They are cold at night during the rainy season.    In addition to these physical challenges, our brothers and sisters in India are facing renewed violent persecution.  Indian families have been targeted, beaten, and thrown out of their homes simply because of their Christian faith.  Our friends are looking to us to help them in their time of great need.  We want to stand with them financially and most importantly in our prayers for their protection and deliverance.  Your support during this season of intense struggle is greatly appreciated!


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