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The Vietnamese Project


Orphan Care

Widow Care

Pastor Support

Ministry Support

Education & Training


Leper Colony Wells

* names of individuals and organizations have been changed for safety

The Vietnamese Project is a 100% indigenous project led by Pastor Daniel*.  The strategic purpose of the Vietnamese Project is to enable and equip the tribal churches in Vietnam in their Biblical responsibilities of evangelism, discipleship, and church planting.  The scope of this project includes ministry to hospitalized cancer and AIDs patients, to lepers, to imprisoned and persecuted pastors, and to prisoners with HIV.

The Vietnamese Project includes ministry to cancer, AIDs, and leper patients, imprisoned and persecuted pastors, and prisoners with HIV.

The work also includes Bethel Orphanage* which houses 43 orphaned children whose primary care is provided by a precious and devoted saint of God and her husband.  The children are all kept in two rented houses with only meager furnishings and from time to time have to be relocated due to government harassment.

The orphans are kept in two rented houses and are relocated from time to time due to government harassment.

Due to the stringent requirements, censorship, and restrictions imposed on registered churches and ministries within Vietnam, the Vietnamese Project remains entirely underground.  As you can imagine, this makes the work of this ministry difficult and at times dangerous. 

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