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Flooding Continues in Congo

Last week we sent out an emergency notice to let you know about the dire circumstances our friends are experiencing at Congo for Christ and throughout the city of Uvira and surrounding area. The rain has continued almost nonstop, and is forecast to continue for the coming weeks. According to Catholic Charities, nearly 100,000 people have been impacted, more than 15,000 homes damaged or destroyed, and 52 confirmed deaths. Many are still missing and the threat of cholera, malaria, and other illnesses is greatly increased. In addition to the flooding, corona virus has caused borders with neighboring countries to close, food prices to escalate and charcoal and wood for cooking fuel difficult and expensive to obtain.

We were able to send $2,200 emergency funds last week to help purchase food, but as you can see, additional help is still greatly needed. As previously reported, structures at Congo for Christ (CCC) are in danger of flood damage. Pastor Jeremiah had an engineer provide an estimate of modifications required to protect the property. The total cost for the needed repairs is $42,855.

A special thank you to all who have already generously responded to this crisis. We will be sending more relief funds in the next few days as we stand with our friends in this time of great need. Please continue to hold them in your prayers as they face these challenging times.

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