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Something to Smile About!

The first thing you may notice about Ravuri is her lovely smile. She now has a reason to smile, but her early years were extremely difficult. She was born in the village of Kuchipudi, India. In her village the people were so poor they resorted to hunting rats and foxes for food and fishing in dirty canals. Children were often neglected and without proper food, clothing, and schooling as parents struggled to survive. Such was her life as a young child.

When she was five years of age her father was injured in an accident while hunting for food at night. When her mother understood her husband was permanently crippled, she deserted him and Ravuri. One day Pastor Lazarus was walking in the street and saw little Ravuri crying and in need of help. He went with her to the hut where she lived and found her father who was unable to care for her. Her father asked Pastor Lazarus to take her and bring her to an orphanage. Since then, she has been raised in the Feed My People Orphanage in Tenali where she learned about Jesus and accepted Christ as Savior. Ravuri is one of several students who has been awarded a scholarship to enable her to attend vocational school. She is currently in her second year of training as a multipurpose health worker. Upon graduation she will have the opportunity to use her skills and earn a living in the medical field. Indeed, she has much to smile about!

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