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Visiting Bangladesh

A few weeks ago we were privileged to visit Pastor *Samuel, his lovely wife *Paki, and one of their coworkers, *Luke in Bangladesh. We learned first hand more about Pastor Samuel’s life and work. His grandparents moved to Bangladesh as missionaries from India about seventy years ago. Paki’s grandfather was also a missionary from India and her father is currently a pastor. Both of these precious people grew up in Christian homes and have committed themselves to serving Christ and seeking to win the unreached people in the hill tribes of Bangladesh. As a young man, Pastor Samuel stepped out in faith and went to the Philippines to attend Bible College, even though he did not have the funds needed. God provided, and in 2007 he completed his Masters of Divinity degree and was ordained. He and his two coworkers have established churches in five of the eleven indigenous tribal groups. Samuel speaks six languages and his coworkers speak other dialects.

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