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Ministry in Thailand

Allan and Harle Eliason first visited Pastor Wanchai in the village of Sameong, Thailand over three decades ago. Since that time he and his wife have been faithful laborers for Christ. Wanchai was a former Buddhist priest who has spent his life winning others to Christ and discipling them. For most of those years they ran a boarding school program to reach young girls from hill tribes in danger of being trafficked. Hundreds of teens and adults have come to know Christ as Savior through his ministry. Last year they learned the house and building they used as a church for many years was badly damaged and in need of replacing. Support from a number of donors, enabled them to build this beautiful new church. Wanchai recently sent pictures to show several of the new believers that are now attending the church. Even though Wanchai is advanced in years, his ministry remains fruitful in this region.

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