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Singtui Loves Jesus!

My name is Singtui and I am ten years old. I have two brothers. My father died when I was five years old. I am still very young but I need to help my mother because she is very poor and working in the field. Sunday is my favorite day because we have Sunday School class and our teacher tells stories about Jesus, David, Noah and Adam. I love these stories very much and I want to listen to these stories again and again. I also believe in God like David. I love and believe in Jesus because our Sunday School teacher told us that He is God. He takes care of us, and gives us food and protects us from evil spirits. I also enjoy singing Jesus songs during Sunday School class so much. I want to go to school, but my mother said she doesn't have enough money to send me to school. When I will learn more about the Bible from Sunday School and get older, I want to become like Noah, David and Jesus. I want to tell other people that God is the most powerful person and those who believe in Jesus will go to heaven and they will be very happy forever.

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