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New Church in Thailand

Global Outreach has partnered with Reverend Wanchai Supawas in Sameong, Thailand for over thirty years. During those years Wanchai and his wife, *Pensri, have invested their lives in ministry to reach and rescue boys, girls, and teens from troubled lifestyles in the various hilltribes of Thailand. These students lived in the home for varying amounts of time receiving an education, love, care, and Bible training. Hundreds of children’s lives have been impacted for Christ through this ministry. Major funding from Global Outreach was used to build the home, original church and the dormitories used for ministry to these girls and boys. Throughout these past thirty years, Wanchai has also been the Pastor for his local community church. He has also planted many churches in the area. Wanchai recently informed us that his church building is crumbling from damage by insects. He is asking our help to build a new church just as we helped build the original one thirty-three years ago. The total cost of the new church will be $25,000 and we have already sent a small donation. He has raised most of the funds himself, but anything we can give will be a big help to him. If you would like to contribute to this need, please designate your donation for Thailand. *Wanchai's first wife, Buacome, passed away several years ago. She also worked with him in ministry.

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