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Jesus is the Answer!

A few months ago we introduced Pastor *Samuel and his ministry, *Caring for Children. Samuel and the other ministers serving with him in very remote jungles and villages of Bangladesh are sharing the Gospel and winning unreached people to Jesus. In this very short time they have been able to establish new churches in two villages that had previously never heard the name of Jesus. Pastor Samuel has explained that in these villages the tribal people do not have any concept of God as Creator and Savior. They are steeped in the belief of animism or Buddhism. Pastor Samuel shared the following about one of the new churches: We have a new church planted at *Murai village. The entire village is Buddhist background and they are very strong in their belief. There are thirty families in this village. We visited and shared with them again and again about the Word of God but they don’t want to listen and they rejected us. Through the help of the Holy Spirit we received eight souls in our ministry, baptized four of them and trained new leaders. We will be following up with them in the coming months and continue to pray for the remaining people to also accept Christ as Savior. When a new church is established in one of the villages, the ministers and new believers begin to work towards construction of a church building. They gather wood and bamboo from the jungle to build the church. Samuel said it usually takes about five months for them to complete a new church. The only thing they have to buy is the tin for the roof. The tin costs about $1,500 for each church. Pastor Samuel is also requesting our help in purchasing a projector and generator. With most of the people being illiterate they desire the projector to be able to show them the Jesus film and other Bible videos. Any gift towards the $2,000 needed for the new sound and video equipment will be a wonderful investment in spreading the Gospel to those who have never heard the name of Jesus. He has also asked our help in purchasing a motorbike so he can travel to remote areas. We were able to send the funds and he is now using his motorbike.

*names changed for their protection

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