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What's Happening in India?

Feed My People in Tenali, India continues to expand and reach the lost for Christ in surrounding villages. Currently they care for 245 orphans in 13 homes, have 60 churches, 200 ministers, 42 students in vocational medical school and reach out to care for elderly, widows, and lepers. This month we will give you a sampling of recent news items and pictures received from Pastor Thomas.

Venakateswarlu: He was being beaten by two men because he had stolen food from a restaurant when the Thomas’s found him. They rescued him and found that he was an orphan and brought him into their care. They are sending him to school and teaching him about Jesus. Every precious orphan has a tragic story behind them, but a bright future in Jesus!

Pastors were given new clothing at Christmas. Fifty six pastors depend on monthly support from Global Outreach. Another 150 are in need of support.

Orphans and teens all received new uniforms for Christmas.

Teen girls in nurses aid vocational training at Feed My People administered polio vaccine to hundreds of children in bus and train stations.

New blankets were given to the children and teens in January.

Widows were given new sarees for Christmas.

Blog Post Adapted From Global Outreach Inc February 2018 Newsletter

Volume 33 Issue 02

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