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Look What God is Doing in D.R. Congo

Six years ago in January, Congo for Christ Center (CCC) Orphanage became home to fifty-seven precious children. They came to CCC from various troubled backgrounds and with their own stories of pain from illness, violence and war that had taken their parents from them. Many of the children were malnourished, had never been in school, and were suffering from physical and emotional wounds. To see these same children today you would be amazed at the change. It has been a journey of faith for Pastor Jeremiah and his staff. Global Outreach partners have been used by God to supply the funding to make so many wonderful blessings happen at CCC. Initially, the CCC Campus consisted of one dormitory building, a couple of small houses for teachers of the Bible School, a bathroom and a storage building. Miraculously, God provided the funds to get a steady supply of running water to the campus.

Today the ministry has grown to include: Mango Tree School, reaching about 300 children with quality primary education, a feeding program for the children of the surrounding community reaching about 1,300 children, a teen ministry program reaching over 100 teens in the area, three of the children are now attending university, and in 2017 the beautiful security wall surrounding the entire property was completed.

CCC Junior Choir sings for worship service at weekly feeding for community children.

Providing all that is necessary to raise these precious children to become successful adults is an ongoing challenge. The bulk of the donations you give through sponsoring a child or gifts to Global Outreach for Congo go to the monthly care, feeding, and education of the orphans. The children are very thankful for everything provided for them, but there are a few needs we have not been able to meet.

Some are as simple as new sheets for their beds. The ones they have now were purchased in 2013 and are rags. When government officials recently visited the orphanage they mentioned that new sheets and pillows will be required to maintain good standing. Since this is such an urgent need we went ahead and provided the funds so the children could each get a new sheet as their Christmas gift. Pillows are still needed.

The kitchen in the early years. Many improvements have been made.

Another ongoing need has been for electricity. They have been using a small generator for several years and repairing it as much as possible. It no longer works and is beyond repair. About four years ago we had Pastor Jeremiah obtain an estimate for solar power and it was $43,876. Last year Pastor Jeremiah learned of another solar power provider who has done many projects in Uvira, including hospitals and other large buildings. This company can do the CCC campus for a quoted price of $10,330. We have had different people with expertise in the field review the estimate as being fair and acceptable and adequate to provide the needed power for the entire campus. We feel providing solar power now is an important step that will greatly impact the quality of life and ministry for everyone at CCC. Every donation will greatly bless the children at CCC.

Solar power will be a tremendous help to Mango Tree School and CCC.

Blog Post Adapted From Global Outreach Inc January 2018 Newsletter

Volume 33 Issue 01

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