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Blessings in 2017!

As we reflect over the past year of ministry we are filled with praise and thanksgiving to God for all He has accomplished. Please enjoy these glimpses into some of the many ways that your gifts have provided opportunities to share the love and compassion of Jesus with a hurting world.


  • Supporting 3 pastors reaching remote areas

  • Women's ministry support

  • Children's ministry support


  • Mostar Centre for Care now under construction

  • Ministry to teens and children

Learn more about Bosnia ministries

D.R. Congo -- Congo For Christ Center and Fizi Church

India -- Feed My People

  • 245 orphans in 13 Children's Homes

  • School supplies and uniforms for orphans

  • 42 teens in vocational school

  • 40 Bible school students

  • 56 pastors monthly support

  • Startup costs for business for 3 widows

  • Leper care and support

  • Monthly support of widows and elderly

Myanmar -- House of Refuge

  • 23 children

  • New building completed in 2017

  • Ministry to surrounding community


  • 3 wells provided for leper colony

  • Support for orphanage​

Blog Post Adapted From Global Outreach Inc December 2017 Newsletter

Volume 32 Issue 12

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