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Sharing Jesus in Bangladesh

Global Outreach is happy to announce we are now ready to partner with a new ministry we have been in contact with for several months. This ministry is taking the gospel to unreached people in remote tribal areas of Bangladesh. Since Bangladesh has a stated goal of targeting and persecuting Christians, it is necessary to protect the identity of those we are supporting. We will refer to this ministry as “Caring for Children” and will call the leader “Pastor Samuel.” We share their written mission statement below:

There are thousands of orphans and destitute children in the tribes who need to hear the message of Jesus Christ. These children are deprived from all basic human needs, abused and abandoned. They are hopeless, hungry and lonely. Our purpose is to evangelize these tribes and promote the total development of these orphans and destitute children by sharing God’s love and compassion. We also strive to provide shelter with loving care in a home atmosphere, adequate nutrition, healthy social interaction and education.

Pastor Samuel

At the present time, Pastor Samuel and three other ministers who work with him have no financial support. This is the type of ministry that Global Outreach loves to support. Donations from our partners can make a world of difference in helping these ministers share the love of Christ with many who are hearing for the “first time ever” the name of Jesus Christ!

We are making plans to visit with Pastor Samuel personally on our next trip to Asia. We invite you to support Pastor Samuel and Caring for Children ministries with your prayers and any financial gifts you would like to contribute toward sharing the message of God’s love to these forgotten children

Donate to Bangladesh ministries here.

Blog Post Adapted From Global Outreach Inc October 2017 Newsletter

Volume 32 Issue 10

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