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27 Orphans Baptized in D.R. Congo

Pastor Jeremiah recently shared the following great news about many of the children at Congo for Christ Center (CCC) Orphanage:

“Spiritually we thank God because the kids are growing and this is seen through how they are giving all their time to think about God’s work and using their energy to serve others. We now have a team of 14 kids from CCC who are playing different instruments in church. This is really encouraging to see the different talents these kids have and how they are using them to glorify the name of the Lord. We also thank God because 27 of our kids requested to be baptized, and so the CCC board requested the church to carry on the baptism service for them.”

We asked Pastor Jeremiah to share some of the testimonies of the children who were baptized. Here are two of the stories in their own words:

Hasha: I was born with parents who were Christians. I remember though I was still very young that my Father was a soldier, he went for war and died there. We started staying with our Mum but a time came when she also died and we were left to live with our Auntie. Life was very hard for us because my Auntie was living a very poor lifestyle and so because of this, her husband started dealing with witchcraft. So having an Uncle dealing with it, we got used to it and it became part of us. When Pastor Jeremiah came and had a vision of starting the ministry we were chosen to go and stay in CCC. We were really grateful because our life was changed. They always took time to teach us the word of God and so the Christian values in us were revived. So I decided to accept Christ and then joined the CCC choir. While ministering in the choir, the Holy spirit spoke to me to be baptized, I thank God because my life has really been transformed and I feel renewed.

Washikala: I give praise and honor to God Almighty for all that He has done and is still doing in my life. Surely, God has brought me this far. I am really thankful because I now have great hope for my future through the blood of Jesus Christ and I am ready to become a great vessel to spread God’s work. I was born in an Islamic family and my entire relatives are Muslims. When I started staying at CCC it was not easy for me to accept Christ because Islamic values were still very much in me. I really thank our leaders who stood with me in prayer and taught us the Word of God and finally I was able to accept Christ. When my relatives heard about this, they rejected me and this was very hard for me but I was happy because I believed that I chose the best portion and I pray that one day they will all be able to follow Christ. I thank God because I am still growing physically, mentally and spiritually. I felt the Holy Spirit pushing me to be baptized in order to be a complete Christian and be free to serve the Lord. I love singing and play some instruments in the CCC choir. Since the day I got baptized, I feel so encouraged and have an inner push to work for the Lord the rest of my life. I feel so much spiritual freedom in my life and see the light of the Lord shining in my heart and now I am very ready to be used by the Holy Spirit. I really thank God for CCC, it's leadership and all the people who are supporting this ministry for bringing positive change in my life.

Your ongoing prayers and financial support are invaluable to the success of this ministry. Your gifts are changing lives and impacting the future of Congo and other developing nations. God bless you and thank you for all you do!

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Blog Post Adapted From Global Outreach Inc August 2017 Newsletter

Volume 32 Issue 8

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