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Great News From D.R. Congo

We are thrilled to report that the security wall at Congo for Christ and Mango Tree School has been fully funded! This has been a project that has taken over two and one half years to complete. The final construction is being completed this month at a total cost of $87,842. Praise be to God for making this possible and a tremendous thank you to everyone who has partnered with us. We cannot overstate the importance of this sturdy brick wall topped with iron bars to keep the children safe. Not only does it provide protection for them, it provides a sense of security and well being in a land with a history of violence and war. All of the children have been impacted by violence and for many it is the reason they are orphans. What a blessing to provide this huge improvement to Congo for Christ.

Praise God, the water is flowing again at Congo for Christ!

We have more exciting news to share from Congo for Christ. In the May 2017 newsletter we reported about Pastor Jeremiah and Asumani’s visit to National Community Church in Washington DC. It was then that we learned of the urgent need to upgrade and repair the system that supplies clean water to not only Congo for Christ and Mango Tree School but also the surrounding community. From the estimates we learned it would be $6,000 to repair the broken pipes and rebuild the intake area from where the water supply originates. Knowing they cannot go without water, we went ahead and sent funds so the repairs could begin right away. Thank you dear partners, once again you came through and supplied the funds to complete this project.

As always, your ongoing faithful support is what makes it possible to provide care each month for these precious children who depend on us.

Learn more about D.R. Congo ministries here.

Blog Post Adapted From Global Outreach Inc July 2017 Newsletter

Volume 32 Issue 7

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