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Greetings From Bosnia

“Many greetings from The Mostar Brankovac Evangelical Church.” Pastor Dalibor’s newsletter in March gained our attention as he gave updates for the Centre for Care that is currently under development. He went on to tell of the big step of getting connected to a water source which enables them to have water for a garden and fruit tree project as well as a future house. The house will assist people who are struggling and unable to support themselves to have a place to live while being cared for at the Centre. They have received the required building permit with the stipulation they begin building by October.

Pastor Dalibor explained that prior to applying for the permits, they had already raised the funds for the administrative costs, the water connection expense, and to build the basement of the house. To protect the basement they need to complete the first floor and add the roof. The statement that stood out to us was “we wanted to make sure we as a church gave at least half of the 12,000 euros (about $13,300 USD) needed for this project.” So far they have raised 3,500 euros towards the 6,000 pledged by the church. He continued, “now it seems a good time to ask if any of you are able to help us with the other 6,000 euros.” Shortly after reading about this need we learned Global Outreach partner Mike Mellison was planning another visit to the churches and ministries in Bosnia. We visited Mostar in 2013 with Mike and he continues to keep us informed about the friends and ministries we visited. We were privileged to send a gift of $500 with Mike for the construction of the house at the Centre for Care. Mike told us Pastor Dalibor sent his greetings and deep appreciation for the assistance.

Every time we have an opportunity to connect with the leaders of the churches in Bosnia we ask them what they need and how we can pray for them. They always ask for our prayers more than our finances. Mike has made numerous visits and has close personal and professional ties with many of the pastors in Bosnia. He asked us to share the following prayer needs:

  • For God to soften hearts and break down the barriers to the gospel message and love of Jesus.

  • For guidance and wisdom for the Pastors, missionaries and the people in the churches as they reach out in love to those around them.

  • For relationships within the church to be strengthened by unconditional love and encouragement rather than criticism.

We love our brothers and sisters who endure many hardships to minister in a country with a long history of war and ongoing struggles. We invite you to join us in prayer and support of those laboring for our Lord in Bosnia.

Learn more about Bosnia ministries here.

Blog Post Adapted From Global Outreach Inc June 2017 Newsletter

Volume 32 Issue 6

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