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2016 Christmas Celebrations

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to those on whom His favor rests” Luke 2:14

Your generous giving provided special Christmas treats for many of the ministries we support around the world a couple of months ago. We have received reports and pictures from a few of the ministries that we would like to share.


Christmas celebrations in India always include worship services followed by a special meal which includes a rare treat of chicken. Gifts are also given to the orphans, teens, widows and pastors. We also provided funds to purchase a new refrigerator for the main orphanage in Tenali. This is a big help to the care givers who prepare the food each day.


Congo for Christ Center (CCC) held a special Christmas Service for 1,097 community children during which Pastor Amani shared about the birth of the Prince of Peace. Many of the community children expressed thanks for the great work God has done in their lives through the feeding ministry. Your gifts made it possible to purchase a quarter of beef to give each of the children a few bites of meat in addition to beans and rice. Each child was also given a lollipop and a bar of soap. The CCC leaders shared about the day:

“The children were excited to eat meat for the first time and also gifts like candy and soap made them so happy.That day was really a happy day when the children heard that they are going to receive candy.”


Our friends in Myanmar celebrated the birth of our Savior by sharing a worship service with members of the community. Several in attendance were unbelievers so Pastor Cyrus was thrilled to share the Christmas message with them. They also treated them to a special meal.New Year’s celebration included a fun time of playing games and eating chicken soup at midnight.Pastor Cyrus said:

“we all prayed for Global Out-reach donors that 2017 would be a year of blessings, joy, peace and success as you walk with Christ throughout the year.”


Blog Post Adapted From Global Outreach Inc February 2017 Newsletter

Volume 32 Issue 2

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