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Sponsor Letters in D.R. Congo Bring Joy to Orphans

One of the highlights of the year for the orphans at Congo for Christ Center Orphanage in D.R. Congo is to receive a letter from their sponsor. The letters are translated into Swahili and each child receives a picture of their sponsor as well. The children pray for their sponsors and they know their sponsor prays for them. The monthly sponsorship program also provides for food for the orphans and for several, the opportunity to attend school. The letter and picture provide a tangible point of contact for the children. This year the letters were given to the children at Christmas and added much joy to their celebration. Thank you sponsors!

Would you or someone you know consider becoming a sponsor of an orphan from CCC?

$35/month provides basic care for an orphan

$47/month provides basic care plus education costs

Blog Post Adapted From Global Outreach Inc January 2017 Newsletter

Volume 32 Issue 1

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