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New D.R. Congo Orphans Need Sponsors

Congo for Christ Center (CCC) Orphanage recently welcomed four new children. The fifty seven orphans that already call CCC home have been together as a family since the beginning five years ago. Pastor Jeremiah reports that the new children have already made friends and the older children are treating the young ones with love. Pastor Jeremiah went on to say:

“Right now you can’t tell if these kids are new in the family or not. This is because they have integrated in the family and they feel at home. We thank God because even at school they are doing well and the other kids who are used to the system are sacrificing their time to make sure that their siblings perform well also. This is very encouraging because it is showing us that we are raising a generation full of God’s love and who will bring transformation in our community. We are praying that God opens sponsorship for them so that we can take care of their needs.”

Wabiwa: She is seven years old and in class two at Mango Tree School. Both of her parents died the same day after eating poisoned food. She started living with neighbors until an uncle came and got her. The uncle is also raising three other children left by his sister. Her uncle asked CCC to accept her and after determining the truth of her story she joined the orphanage. She is very happy to be at CCC.


She is seven years old and in class two at Mango Tree School. Her father died first and three years later her mother also died from illness. She also has an older brother and sister who live with their grandmother. Her sister attends class five at Mango Tree School. The grandmother is unable to care for all the children so Riziki was accepted at CCC since she is the youngest.

Benjamine: He is six years old. His mother died immediately after giving birth to Benjamine. In 2015 his father was killed when he became an innocent victim of a fight between government troops and rebel forces. Benjamine was left in the care of his uncle. Due to his own illness, his uncle is unable to care for him and asked CCC to accept him. After sending a social worker to investigate, CCC was able to accept him into their family.


She is six years old and in class one at Mango Tree School. After both of her parents died her grandmother started taking care of her. Her grandmother passed away due to high blood pressure and Natasha was left on her own. She was brought to CCC and they sent their social worker to learn her history. After confirming she is an orphan, she was welcomed into the CCC family.

Would you or someone you know consider becoming a sponsor of an orphan from CCC?

$35/month provides basic care for an orphan

$47/month provides basic care plus education costs

Blog Post Adapted From Global Outreach Inc January 2017 Newsletter

Volume 32 Issue 1

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