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Water For Orphans In India

Shortly after we shared the need for a water system for the orphans in Myanmar we learned of a need for water for many of the orphans in India. In the March 2016 newsletter we told of the eight new children taken into the Kolluru orphanage and the need to provide them with blankets, clothing and cots. Thanks to your generous gifts, we were able to send the funds to provide the needed supplies.

Thanks to your generous gifts, we were able to provide the supplies for the new orphans.

We also learned the children have to carry buckets of water each morning and evening from a well in the village. Reverend Thomas explained that in the summer the village well is not always sufficient to meet the needs of everyone. We are delighted to tell you that in addition to funds for the new orphans, we were also able to provide a new well and pump for the orphanage.

In addition to funds for supplies we were also able to provide a new well and pump for the orphanage.

It is always a joy to know that Global Outreach donors play a prominent role in meeting such a basic need as water for an orphanage. In India, seven of the orphanages we support are currently in need of a similar well and pump. Two of these, Singupalem and Parmella villages are in dire need of a well. As a reminder, 100% of any gifts designated for the India water project will be sent to meet this urgent need and $350 will provide one well and pump.

To make a donation assisting in clean water for these ministry partners in India please visit our Online Donation page here and designate your gift for India water infrastructure projects.

Blog Post Adapted From Global Outreach Inc June 2016 Newsletter

Volume 31 Issue 06

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