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Phase I of Security Wall in Congo is Complete!

The Congo For Christ Orphanage Security Wall to provide protection for the orphans at Congo for Christ as well as the students at Mango Tree School has reached an important milestone. At a cost of $53,500 the brick portion of the wall is complete! A culvert had to be added to protect a portion of the wall from water flowing nearby. During the rainy season the wall would be in danger of collapsing as soil erodes.

Phase II will complete the wall with the addition of the iron poles between the brick supports. The estimated cost for Phase II is $29,000. As with Phase I, the work is completed as the funds are received. Any gift, large or small is crucial to help complete this much needed wall to protect the children.

To make a donation to the Congo For Christ Orphanage Security Wall make a donation here.

Blog Post Adapted From Global Outreach Inc April 2016 Newsletter

Volume 31 Issue 04

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