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Orphan Sponsorship Pastor Update From D. R. Congo

We feel it is important to help our orphan sponsors and potential sponsors understand how the orphan sponsorship program support is having an impact. We strive to provide current information from all the orphanages around the world that we support through our newsletters, blog posts, and facebook page. Our largest sponsorship program is at Congo For Christ Center (CCC) Orphanage in D. R. Congo and every 3-4 times a year the orphanage and church staff provides a special update to give you a view into the lives of the orphans.

This month a very special update was made available about the first two orphans to graduate out of the CCC Orphanage. Ramazani and Heritier were both fortunate to receive Global Outreach Inc scholarships for university and their big adventure of higher education began last semester. I wanted to share this latest update from Pastor Jeremiah to give you an insight into their changing lives and an opportunity to pray for their continued success, needs, and growth.

Please take a few minutes to read Pastor Jeremiah's update below.


Ashleigh Fields

Sponsorship Coordinator


Dear Orphan Sponsors and Supporters,

This past December, my son Daniel, who manages Congo for Christ Orphanage (CCC) and Mango Tree School, visited Bukavu to discover firsthand how Ramazani Djuma and Heritier Isaac are doing at University. If you recall, Ramazani and Heritier are the first two boys at CCC who graduated secondary school, passed the national exam, and then received full scholarships from Global Outreach's, Allan and Harle Eliason Scholarship Fund.

Daniel was able to visit the boys at University recently to check on their progress.

Daniel asked roommates Ramazani and Heritier a number of questions regarding their experience at University

What are you studying?

Ramazani is studying Social Work and Social Administration and plans to become a licensed social worker for CCC. This semester he will take eight course units and they include: Introduction to Social Work, Research Method, English, Statistics, Ethics, Civil Law, and Political Economy.

Heritier has entered a seven year medical program and plans to become a doctor. He desires to use his training to provide medical care for the orphans at CCC and also the surrounding community. This semester he is taking seven course units and they include: General Chemistry, Bio-chemistry, Biology, Public Health, Physics, Mathematics, and Biostatics.

Ramazani and Heritier outside of the school of medicine.

How is University different than Congo for Christ Orphanage?

[endif]--![endif]--[endif]--Ramazani and Heritier have experienced a lot of changes since they went to Bukavu for their studies. While at CCC they were going to school then after school they would come back to CCC and eat the food that the mamas prepared for them. Since leaving CCC they are responsible for their schedules. They go to school from morning to evening and they must prepare their meals in advance. Their daily schedule is tight with school and new adult responsibilities but they are managing their daily routines and responsibilities well. One serious challenge is the lack of water, which is a daily struggle. At CCC they had ample water supply but now they are dependent on rain water to take showers and must use that rain water sparingly for their drinking water. Not only are they managing their time and use of water they are also managing their own budgets. They feel that they are becoming more responsible adults since being on their own.![endif]--

Ramazani and Heritier in their dorm room. They are very happy to have the opportunity to be roommates and continue their friendship while at the university.

Have you found a church home?

[endif]--Both Ramazani and Heritier have found a church and they are recognized as members of the church. They learn the Word of God through the church and they are very grateful to have a Christian community that they get the chance to share the word of God together. They are also active members of a prayer group that meets twice a week to pray about different needs. This group is composed of lecturers, students and other people from the community. ![endif]--

What activities are you involved within?

Ramazani is playing on a soccer team and is part of the social work research team. Heritier is part of the faculty choir and is on the medical research team. He is also involved in the intercessory prayer team at church.

Do you have any prayer requests?

  • Water. The major challenge that they face is the lack of water. The place where they live and the surrounding community have water problems and access to clean water is limited due to the construction of the roads. They depend on rain water for drinking and for showers.

  • Electricity. Electricity is also limited and affects their studies especially studying at night.

  • Bed frame. Their mattress is currently on the floor and is more susceptible to damage and moisture

Ramazani and Heritier's dorm room. Compared to university standards in many of Global Outreach supporters' countries this is a humble arrangement.

God bless you for all that you are doing for this ministry and specifically for Heritier and Ramanzani.

Be blessed.

Pastor Rukukuye Jeremiah

Founder of CCC

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