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We Welcome Robert Stevens As Our Newest Board Member

We are happy to welcome Robert "Rob" Stevens as the newest member of the Global Outreach Inc Board of Directors.

Rob lives in Dacula, Georgia. He is married to the former Denise Alexander of Connecticut. They have three children: Alyssa, 25; Jordan Isaiah, 21; and Clairyssa, 16. Rob served 28 years active service in the United States Navy. Fourteen years enlisted and fourteen years as a commissioned officer. His assignments include submarine service, surface combatants, aviation communities, multiple aircraft carriers, afloat and ashore staff assignments, multiple tours inside the Pentagon, multiple overseas assignments and duty in the Hawaiian Islands.

Rob accepted Christ early in his life and has a heart for ministry and missions. He has served in Baptist and Assembly of God churches in such capacities as Trustee, Deacon, Chairman of Benevolence Committee, evangelistic outreach and drama, feeding program coordinator, Lay Pastor, co-pastor, and served on the Board of Directors for the Assembly of God, Hawaii. While serving on multiple aircraft carriers, he facilitated Bible studies and lay worship opportunities, leading many to Christ. He also served as lay pastor at LaMaddalena, Italy. After retiring from active duty and while serving as a defense contractor, he has led and facilitated many Bible studies on military bases and within the halls of the Pentagon. Rob holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management.

We are grateful for all of the members of our Board of Directors and volunteer staff who freely give of their time and expertise to help Global Outreach meet our mission to go in Christian compassion and love in an effort to alleviate spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental suffering around the world.

You can learn more about our other Board of Directors members here:!board-of-directors/c16c1

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