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Make Your Donation Go Even Further Through The End Of December

We welcome any donation that you choose to make to help us continue doing the Lord's work around the world...including online donations! But like all nonprofits or businesses that accept money online there are overhead fees to pay for that convenience.

To avoid any overhead fees for large donations we prefer checks or money orders so we can help maximize the impact of your donation and we encourage donors to utilize our online Donation Store which uses Paypal technology and a lower overhead than (our other method of online fundraising). However, we realize that is a convenient method of payment for some of our donors and we want to provide as many options as possible for you to get involved which is why we continue to use it as well.

During #GivingTuesday on 3 December 2015, gave back to their customer community by waiving all platform fees they normally charge to take donations. They have decided to expand this generous gift by waiving all platform fees on donations through 31 December 2015.

For the rest of December when you go to and make a donation, will waive all platform fees that we normally have to pay to accept your gift. This is a great opportunity for your donation through to Global Outreach Inc to have an even greater impact than before.

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