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Harle's Haven Cares For Widows

We asked Reverend Thomas, founder and leader of Feed My People in India, to give us an update on the ministry to widows and elderly supported by Global Outreach Inc.

The ministry to help widows began more than 25 years ago. As Reverend Thomas and his wife, Mary Grace, would travel to different villages to plant churches, they would often find widows in dire need of help. He explained that many of these were women who accepted Christ as Savior and were driven from their homes. Thomas shared, “they were happy to serve Christ, but they were helpless and homeless.” He went on to explain,

then I comforted them and invited them to stay in our Church. When I wrote Mum Harle she started to help support them.

Reverend Thomas chose to name this ministry in honor of Harle Eliason, founder of Global Outreach Inc.

New cots and blankets were provided for widows in 2014

Reverend Thomas explains there are other reasons why these precious widows need help. Some are beaten by their own sons if they are unable to work and earn money. Their daughters-in-law refuse to feed them and they are forced to live by begging and even sleeping on the streets. Others have no children to help them and they are forced to beg and sleep in bus or train stations. Reverend Thomas said,

when we see these kinds of widows, we rescue them and put them in Harle’s Haven to take care of them.

Elderly widows are provided a meal at Harle's Haven

Currently there are four of the churches we support that sponsor this important ministry. The churches in the villages of Tenali, Pentapadu, Regulagunta, and Pothavaram house a total of 105 widows. They are fed at least one meal each day, provided a safe place to live and sleep, and are given some medical care. You may recall that last year we were able to pay to have some of their old cots repaired and purchased new cots for 54 women.

Reverend Thomas asked us to send his thanks to the Global Outreach Inc donors who made this possible. He is requesting funds to provide them each a new saree (dress) and a blanket this year. If you would like to provide for these widows, please designate your gift for “Harle’s Haven.” You may even give your gift to honor your mother, grandmother, or a special person in your life.

To make a donation to help us continue to invest in these widows and change their community please donate here:

Blog Post Adapted From Global Outreach Inc November 2015 Newsletter

Volume 30 Issue 11

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