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Two Orphan Boys Begin College

August 29, 2015 was a day of celebration as the orphans, CCC staff and community rejoiced over the good results of Heritier and Ramazani passing the national examination to graduate from secondary school.

We recently received the joyous news that the first two boys at the Congo for Christ Orphanage passed the national examination to allow them to graduate from secondary school and continue their education in college. They expressed their gratitude:

That God has brought us so far is unexplainable. We had no hope, we walked on the street seeking help but God is always faithful to His people. We believe this is just the beginning for our journey, and we have hope that we will continue with our university studies. Through CCC we know we will do much and support our community. God bless Global Outreach Inc and all who have helped us.

We are thrilled to report that Global Outreach Inc has awarded Heritier and Ramazani full scholarships for their first year of college through the “Allan and Harle Eliason Scholarship Fund.”. Heritier is entering a seven year medical program and plans to become a doctor. He desires to use his training to provide medical care for the orphans at Congo for Christ and also the surrounding community. Ramazani is planning to study social work so he can become a licensed social worker for the orphanage.

Please keep these boys in your prayers as they move to Bukavu and begin their studies. Each of them will need about $2,000 per year of college. We feel this is a great investment!

To contribute to their expenseses by making a donation to the scholarship fund please visit our donation page and designate your donation as "Education -- College Scholarship Fund":!donate/c1ghi

Blog Post Adapted From Global Outreach Inc October 2015 Newsletter

Volume 30 Issue 10

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