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Mango Tree School Fundraiser Raises $1350

Thank you to all of our friends in Washington D.C. who planned, participated in, invited people to, and donated during the Mango Tree School fundraiser on June 27th!

$1350 was raised to help fund Mango Tree School at Congo For Christ Orphanage in Uvira, DRC! The support that we can provides to Mango Tree School helps the administration cover the cost of education for our orhpans and subsidize the cost for poorer students in the local area.

We believe that in addition to the spiritual training that we ensure our orphans receive, formal education is a critical part of helping them break a cycle of poverty and to improve their community and country.

Thank you to all of those who have made Mango Tree School possible.

You can learn more about Mango Tree School and the difference that it is making here.

If you would like to help Mango Tree School continue to make a difference please visit our Mango Tree School fundraising page

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