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NCC Missions Team To Host Mango Tree Fundraiser on 27 June 2014

WHAT: Game Night & Social Supporting Congo For Christ Mango Tree School

WHERE: Continental Modern Pool Lounge, 1191 N. Ft Myer Dr, Arlington VA 22209

WHEN: 27 June 2015, 7-11PM

The National Community Church (NCC) 2015 Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) missions team is hosting a weekend fundraiser for Mango Tree School in Arlington VA on 27 June 2015.

NCC is sending a team to the Congo For Christ Center in Uvira DRC for the fifth year in a row. In addition to ministering to the 57 orphans at the Congo For Christ orphanage and members of the local church, this year the team members are raising money for some of the operating expenses at Congo For Christ Mango Tree School.


Learn more about the importance of Mango Tree School to the orphans and the local school-aged children here:!mts/c1iid



Learn more about some of NCC's past involvement with Congo For Christ at these links:!Congo-Water-Project-Update/c1n7z/761D2397-69BF-45B2-8DA9-B6AC98F83D26!National-Community-Church-Missions-Team-Dedicates-Water-Pipeline-At-Congo-For-Christ-Campus/c1n7z/EC3D7C72-FC33-4E2A-821F-2C4F0DBAF973!Water-Is-On-The-Way-An-Update-On-The-Congo-Water-Project/c1n7z/920C78B4-6649-4177-A811-322C98C6C53D!Return-To-The-Congo---National-Community-Churchs-Mission-Trip-To-Congo-For-Christ/c1n7z/832AEEF7-261A-469D-B2FF-D03E9E2812FD



You can help support Mango Tree School directly here:


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