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Update On Orphans In Myanmar

This month are giving you updates on orphans you help support in several orphanages throughout Asia.

Myanmar (formerly Burma):

We have recently begun supporting the orphans at House of Refuge. Pastor Cyrus and his wife founded this orphanage in June, 2013 with five vulnerable children. Currently they care for thirteen children and five additional children are joining them next month. Presently, eighteen people including Cyrus and his family all live in the same one room house. This is also where they have a house church. Cyrus struggles to support everyone on a small salary he receives as a Bible College teacher. We are helping with a monthly allotment for food. Cyrus reports the most urgent needs they have are for additional living space and clean water.

13 orphans currently reside at House of Refuge. 5 more are coming this month. The orphans love to play outside when the weather is nice.

We trust that this brief look at some of the orphans that receive support from your gifts will remind you to pray for them. At Global Outreach we strive to carefully and prayerfully send your donations to well-run orphanages and homes where we know the children are taught about the love of Christ for them and where the money we send truly makes a difference in their lives. As always, 100% of every dollar you give for these orphans will be sent as you designate. Bless you for caring for these precious little ones.

To make a donation to the House of Refuge please visit our Razoo donation page and specify that your donation is for the orphans in Myanmar :

Blog Post Adapted From Global Outreach Inc May 2015 Newsletter

Volume 30 Issue 5

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