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2015 Orphan Sponsorship Letters Are Due In June

Sponsors of orphans at Congo For Christ Orphanange should have already received email instructions for submitting their letters. If you have any questions please email

For the second year in a row we will be collecting and delivering letters from sponsors to the orphans at Congo for Christ (CCC). This is your opportunity to write to the child(ren) that you sponsor. These letters mean so much to the children. The letters and photos of you and your family put a face, a name, and a voice to that someone who sponsors them.

2015_05_05 -- Sponsorship -- Letter Writing.jpg

The orphans love getting letters and pictures from their sponsors!

As we witnessed last year, a strong connection was made as your personal letters expressed love and encouragement to each orphan.

When you become a sponsor, you become more than a prayer lifter and a financial giver, you become part of their them, you are family. Join us in making that connection even stronger this year with another letter and more photos!

If you are a sponsor of a child at CCC, you will be receiving an email with additional information by the end of April about submitting a letter and photograph.

The deadline for submission this year will be June 15th.

Check out some of the responses from last year in the video above.

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Volume 30 Issue 4

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