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Shipping Container (Soon To Be Library) Is Headed To Congo

In the February 2015 newsletter we shared the plan to ship a 40’ container to Congo for Christ to be converted into a library for Mango Tree School and the surrounding community. We also shared information on how you could contribute items to fill the container and bless our friends in this war torn land.

Thank you dear partners for your wonderful response and generous outpouring of gifts! We were pleasantly surprised when boxes and more boxes began arriving at our home. Several days we got multiple deliveries from different parts of the country. Churches, groups, families and individuals, provided an abundance of blessings for Congo for Christ. We also had a company that gave 60 pairs of running shoes. You sent new and used clothing of all kinds, lots of shoes, bedding, health and hygiene products, school supplies, vitamins, balls and other toys, gardening tools and seeds, and even a guitar and ukulele. Others of you gave monetary gifts to help fill the container and assist with the shipping costs.

Every box that arrived was like a treasure chest of wonderful gifts to bless the orphans. Balls, vitamins, toothpaste, bandages, soap, crayons, pencils, toys, clothing and so much more!

These garden tools will help with growing healthy vegetables for hungry children in Congo.

When all the supplies were gathered and boxed, it was time to get them to Canada where they will be packed into the container for shipping to Congo. In Canada there are four pallets of French school books that will be added. Also, materials to convert the container into a library to include shelves for the books are being purchased.

As you can imagine, it was a matter of great concern and prayer for us on how we would get everything to Canada. One Sunday morning at church a friend asked what we had going on and I shared with her our concern for finding a way to get everything to Canada. She looked at me and said, “my husband and I could do that!” I wasn’t sure I had heard her correctly but she assured me she was serious. Sometimes angels show up driving a van pulling a trailer!

(left to right) Erin & Soren Franklin, Joe & Cecily Gray, helped to pack and load the trailer and then the Gray's drove it to Canada.

We anticipate the container leaving Victoria the end of this month. Prior to that we will need to pay our share of the cost of the container itself and the shipping costs. We anticipate this cost to be about $6,000 and we are still about $2,500 short to meet this expense. If you would like to contribute to this “container turned into library” expense please designate your gift for the Congo Library. We also ask you to pray that the container will make it all the way to Mango Tree School at Congo for Christ and that we will not have to pay any customs fees in Africa.

This crew at the warehouse in Canada helped unload your gifts which will be packed in the container and shipped to Congo.

Blog Post Adapted From Global Outreach Inc April 2015 Newsletter

Volume 30 Issue 4

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