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Yaowalak Has Been Sponsored By Sung Ae and Andy!

2015_03_Yaowalak Sponsorship.jpg

Yaowalak, an orphan at Samoeng Girls Home in Thailand has been sponsored by Sung Ae and Andy! Yaowalak favorite activity is playing soccer and she dreams of some day being a mechanic. She is growing physically and spiritually strong while living at the Samoeng Girls Home.

Thank you to Global Outreach Inc partners like Sung Ae and Andy and all the orphan sponsors for your support! You are making such a huge difference in the lives of the orphans we support and their surrounding communities

Will you consider orphan sponsorship today?

To learn more about our Orphan Sponsorship program and how you can make a huge difference to a orphan please visit:!sponsor-an-orphan/c6jz

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