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Quarterly Pastor Updates On Sponsored Orphans Are Now Available Online

We are so thankful for the current orphan sponsors who care so much about the orphans we serve.

We feel it is important to help you as a sponsor understand how your support is having an impact. We strive to provide current information about all of our ministries through our newletters, blog posts, and facebook page.

A new way to learn about current orphan sponsorship updates is through the quarterly pastor updates sent from Congo For Christ orphanage. Current sponsors should have already been receiving these updates since Fall 2014 but now they are available online for all to read.

You can download the latest pastor updates here:

Future quarterly updates will be posted online after current sponsors have received them.

If you have sponsorship questions please email me at:

or visit our orphan sponsorship page:

Thank you for your investment.

We are so grateful.


Ashleigh Fields

Sponsorship Coordinator

Global Outreach Inc.

Do you like this blog post?  You can support Global Outreach Inc by sharing it online.

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