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Material Has Started To Arrive For the Congo For Christ Center Security Wall

We are praising God that material has started to arrive for the Congo For Christ Center (CCC) security wall. We told you in our January 2015 newsletter about how we believe that it is time to help ensure the security of the orphans and local school children we serve at Congo For Christ Center in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

You can read more about the security wall project at our recent blog post or by downloading our January 2015 newsletter.

Thank you to the donors who have already contributed to help make this dream a reality.

One of our very generous donors has provided $20,000 to be used as a matching grant for the security wall. This means your gifts for this project will be doubled! Every $40 given will provide for two feet of the wall rather than one. There is a link below to our fundraising page for the wall or to avoid service fee deductions, send a check direct to Global Outreach Inc.

Donate to the new CCC wall here:

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