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Christmas Celebration in the Congo

A big thank you to our donors for your generous response to provide Christmas treats for orphans in Congo, India and Vietnam last month.

From Pastor Jeremiah and Daniel at Congo For Christ: “We thank God who helped us to have a good Christmas celebration at CCC. Since the children entered the center it was the best celebration that we have ever had. We had different kinds of meals, some of which they have never taken since they entered CCC. The meals that we prepared included chicken, beans, doughnuts and spaghetti. We give all our gratitude to the sponsors who made this day successful by providing funds and standing with us in prayers. May God bless you all. The celebration started with a service of giving thanks and praying for God’s guidance. After the service, the food was served, then the children exchanged flowers with each other as a sign of appreciation for the three years they have been together at CCC. After that we were able to present a gift for all the children to enjoy. It surprised the children since they never expected such a thing to happen and they appreciated it so much. Then we danced and enjoyed the day with the children.”

Some of the children sent their thanks as well:

Elizabeth: “We want to thank God for giving us such a wonderful day of celebrating the Birth of Jesus Christ. We also give our appreciation to our sponsors for their continued support throughout the time we have been at CCC. Surely, we have seen

the love of God through you. May God bless you for making us have such a wonderful day.”

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