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Anunga Has Received an Educational Sponsorship!

Anunga, an orphan at Fizi Church in the Congo has received an educational sponsorship!

Thank you to Global Outreach Inc partners for your support! You are making such a huge difference in the lives of Congo orphans and their surrounding community.

Last month we announced our orphan sponsorship program was expanding to include 32 orphans supported by Fizi Church. For $12/month you are able to ensure that an orphan being cared for by Fizi Church can attend school, have the necessary supplies, and wear the required school uniform.

There are still opportunities to sponor either an orphan at Congo For Christ Center Orphanage or at Fizi Church in the Congo.

$35/month of support for an orphan will help provide:

  • Food and access to clean water

  • Supplies and medical support

  • Critical life skills

  • Biblical training and spiritual guidance

$12/month in support will ensure an orphan will:

  • Receive safe & quality education

  • Have access to school books & supplies

  • Wear the required local school uniform

Will you consider orphan sponsorship today?

To learn more about our Orphan Sponsorship programs please visit:

or email:

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