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Gifts That Bless -- Mango Tree School at Congo For Christ

During this Christmas season, our hearts and thoughts turn to the hundreds of children, men and women that have been blessed in so many ways by your gifts throughout 2014.

Every dollar that you have entrusted to Global Outreach Inc has been used to respond to many and varied needs of our brothers and sisters in war-torn and developing nations. Your gifts have also provided for evangelistic outreach to those who desperately need to hear the good news of the love of Christ for them. With grateful hearts and thanks to each of you, we would like to share pictures this month of a few of the ways your gifts have blessed others around the globe this year.

So many of you gave generously and worked hard to finance the construction of a beautiful new school including six classrooms, bathrooms, and a school office. Nearly 300 students are receiving a quality education and learning about Jesus at Mango Tree

School in Uvira, Congo, DRC.

This is just one way your gifts have been an answer to prayer for so many during the past year. In addition, the provision of food, shelter, clothing, education, medical care, and numerous other items have also blessed hundreds of people in dire need. When you give to Global Outreach Inc, you can rest assured that every donation is stretched to provide the maximum benefit to the most people.

Your gifts are changing hearts and lives for now and eternity! We can never thank you enough for partnering with us and trusting us to deliver your gifts to the truly needy of this world. Your ongoing investment of prayers and financial support make this service to God’s people possible.

Stay tuned this month for more blog posts highlighting some of the gifts that blessed so many around the world this year!

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Volume XXIX Issue XII

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