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Congo For Christ Orphan Sponsorship Letter Video

This past July, our mission team had the opportunity to distribute sponsor letters to each of the 57 orphans at Congo for Christ Center(CCC) for the very first time.

This video shows just some of the joy and love expressed by the orphans that day...because when you sponsor an orphan you become part of their family. Thank you for all that Global Outreach Inc sponsors and supporters do for the orphans around the world that we invest in.

Check out the blog post from earlier this month about the sponsorship letters we handed out to the orphan for more details about how they reacted:


Ashleigh Fields

Global Outreach Inc Sponsorship Coordinator

To learn more about orphan sponsorship opportunities please visit our sponsorship webpage:

Blog Post Adapted From Global Outreach Inc November 2014 Newsletter

Volume XXIX Issue XI

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