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Mango Tree School Opens Tomorrow For Congo For Christ Orphanage Primary Students and Almost 300 Loca

Tomorrow is a very big day for the Congolese students shown here who recently took their primary school admission exams! The miracle of Mango Tree School will be very evident for the 57 orphans at Congo For Christ orphanage and almost 300 local children who will all become students tomorrow, some for the very first time. The new affordable, quality, and local education means no more long dangerous walks to school for the orphans and the ability for some local parents to afford education for the first time. Thank you to Global Outreach Inc supporters who have made this dream a reality. Will you join us in praying for the students, teachers, and administrators who are going to start their very first school year at Mango Tree School tomorrow?

You can learn more about the importance of Mango Tree School here:

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