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Dieu Has Been Sponsored At Congo For Christ Orphanage, Uvira, Democratic Republic of the Congo!

Dieu, a 12 year old at Congo For Christ Orphanage has been sponsored!

Dieu's favorite sport is soccer.

His favorite subject in school is geography.

Dieu dreams of being a doctor in Uvira because he wants to help people in his community.

Dieu is a great dancer and asks that you pray for Congo For Christ Center and his community.

For about $1/day you can sponsor an orphan and help Congo For Christ continue to provide:

  • A safe environment to live & grow

  • Adequate food & garden sustainment

  • Access to healthy clean water

  • Medical support & supplies

  • Biblical teaching & spiritual guidance

  • Critical life skills & training

Will you consider orphan sponsorship today?!sponsor-an-orphan/c6jz

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