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Mango Tree School Update

Mango Tree School opened with the first four primary classes for the 2013-2014 school year with 208 students. The classes are currently meeting in several makeshift classrooms including two rooms in the orphanage dormitory that are desperately needed for the orphans use. The first year of classes has been so successful, plans have been made to add the remaining two primary classes for the next school year. All Mango Tree School teachers and principal are committed Christians, desiring to provide a quality education for the children. In addition to the academic subjects, English and Bible lessons are taught daily.

The school is a tremendous blessing to the orphans, but also an evangelistic outreach to the community children who attend and their families. The need for a school building is urgent! In fact, construction has already begun on a building with six classrooms and an office space. Each room is approximately 425 square feet with a total space of nearly 3,000 square feet.

The estimated cost for the new building is $54,435. Generous donors have already supplied a large portion of this funding, but your help is needed to complete the building in time for the new school year. Please see more information below about opportunities to invest in the lives of these precious children.

Your love, prayers, and support make possible a brighter future in Congo where we are raising the next generation of Godly leaders for this war torn land.

To see more pictures of the progress on Mango Tree School please download our March 2014 newsletter:

Visit our Mango Tree School webpage to learn more about the importance of this school:

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Volume XXIX Issue III

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