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Wedding Gift Brings Joy to Orphans

We are so happy to share the story of a young couple from Washington DC who have been members of the NCC Mission Team to Congo for Christ for the past three years. You will learn how they even found a way to bless the orphans in Congo as a part of their wedding. Nik shares their story:

Mandy and I have been honored and blessed to travel to the DRC the past three summers with a group from National Community Church in Washington DC. Pastor Jeremiah, the staff of CCC and the kids have become such a huge part of our lives—they are our family. So when we began planning our wedding we knew that our Congolese family would be there in spirit even if it wasn’t possible to have them there in person. We hung pictures all around the venue from our past trips and even played recordings of the CCC children’s choir during the reception. As many know, it is an American wedding tradition for the bride and groom to provide small gifts—favors—for their wedding guests to take home. With a creative and unique twist on this tradition, Mandy suggested that in lieu of favors, we make a donation in honor of each of our wedding guests to our friends at Congo for Christ Center.

In the same spirit of creativity, Renee Reed of GlobalOutreach suggested providing something fun that the kids want versus a “need” (they are kids after all) and Renee had the CCC Soccer Program in mind. We learned that the kids at CCC, who are crazy about “kabumbu” (soccer in Swahili) had begun to compete locally but lacked both shoes and the uniforms needed to compete officially. As one great idea can spark another, someone thought it best to bring in some friends from my soccer team in the DC based District Sports soccer league. So in honor of all 150 Hanlon/Vida wedding guests and with generous donations from Damien McGrath’s soccer club, Pastor Jeremiah’s son, Asumani, has initiated the official CCC soccer team in Uvira, Congo. Go CCC!!!

To see more pictures from the Congo and the CCC soccer team please download our January 2014 newsletter:

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To learn more about the CCC soccer team or make a donation for the team please visit our Razoo project page:

Blog Post Adapted From Global Outreach Inc January 2014 Newsletter

Volume XXIX Issue I

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