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Global Outreach Website Has Added A Blog!

I'm happy to announce the new Global Outreach Blog section of the website. You can access the Blog by looking for the red "Blog" icon on the right hand side of the website or by using the Blog links found throughout the website. When you access the Blog there is an option near the top right side to search for posts by topical content or you can simply browse the most recent posts. Each individual Blog post has a Facebook comments section included at the bottom to provide feedback and social media buttons to share a post with your friends online.

The Blog has been populated with GO information gathered from the newsletters back to 2010. There are now over a hundred Blog posts documenting the last 4 years of GO's 27 year history including information on ministry updates, needs, special donations, answered prayers, miraculously funded buildings, mission trips, hundreds of rescued orphans, and Christian conversions from around the world. For faithful supporters, each newsletter is another amazing chapter in the story of how God is using your gifts to alleviate suffering around the world....and now that information is readily available to every website visitor. You can show your continued support for GO by sharing the Blog posts online with others who have not had an opportunity to learn about Global Outreach.

Jason, G.O. Webmaster

Blog Post Adapted From Global Outreach Inc January 2014 Newsletter

Volume XXIX Issue I

Download Full Newsletter: January 2014

Do you like this blog post?  You can support Global Outreach Inc by sharing it online.

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