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2013 Congo Ministries Update

In the Congo your gifts helped:

  • 57 orphans at Congo for Christ receive clothing, food, a loving home, Biblical training, education because you care enough to support them every month.

  • 47 orphans now have sponsors

  • New garden adds nutrition to diet

  • Fence around CCC compound

  • Tables, benches for orphans

  • New sheets, blankets, mattresses

  • Clothing, shoes, school uniforms

  • School supplies and book bags

  • National Community Church team visit

  • New church launched in Sebele

  • Mango Tree School opened with 208 children in 4 Primary classes

Learn more about the Global Outreach ministries in the Congo:

To see more pictures of Congo ministries in 2013 please download our December 2013 newsletter: December 2013 Newsletter

Blog Post Adapted From Global Outreach Inc December 2013 Newsletter

Volume XXVIII Issue XII

Download Full Newsletter: December 2013

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