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Gifts For Orphans in Congo - Congo For Christ Orphanage

The new school term began in Congo on September 2nd. As we reported in last month’s newsletter, it was a busy time with the expense and work of opening Mango Tree School with four primaryclasses at Congo for Christ. The orphans had to wait to receive some of the school clothes and supplies they needed for the year. We are so thankful to share these pictures of our happy orphans as they proudly display their new school uniforms, shoes, and book bags. Some of the children had been sent home from school until we were able to send the money for the school shoes. These precious children truly appreciate everything that is given to them.

Another area of need for the children has been their mattresses. They were in such terrible condition and really needed replacing but once again we did not have the funds to buy new ones. We are thankful to report that a generous gift was received which enabled us to send the funds to purchase a new mattress for each child. In July the mission team from National Community Church took plastic zippered covers which will help keep the new mattresses in good shape. The team also purchased new sheets and blankets for the children. At the present time, the children sleep on the floor on the new mattresses. With your help, we hope to purchase metal bunk beds in the future.

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