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Cyclone Phailin Damages Feed My People Properties

It is not unusual for us to receive reports from Reverend Thomas of cyclones that cause damage to homes and church properties in the network of orphanages and churches supported for over twenty-five years by Global Outreach. Cyclone Phailin that hit the Bay of Bengal and Andra Pradesh, where most of the Feed My People properties are located, was the largest storm to hit India in fourteen years. In addition to the 13 hours of terror Phailin brought before it was down-graded to a category one hurricane, the torrential rains have continued for almost two weeks since the initial storm. This has added to the suffering and hindered relief efforts to more than 500,000 people who are now homeless and living in relief camps.

As soon as they were able to visit the churches, Reverend Thomas sent pictures and reports of the following three properties that were damaged and in need of help to rebuild.

Krishan District, Vuyyuru Village. Pastor Jaya Raju has been working here for twenty two years. This building, constructed fifteen years ago, was heavily damaged during the night as the orphans slept. Reverend Thomas is requesting $5,000 to rebuild a concrete building that will be better able to withstand storms and provide protection for the orphans that live there.

Anglakuduru Village. This church was built in 1998 with help from Global Outreach. It is a well established church with an effective evangelistic outreach to this community of poor from the untouchable caste. $2,000 is needed to repair the roof and walls damaged by the storm. Pastor Moses leads this congregation. Kativaram Village. Located only three miles from the headquarters church in Tenali, Reverend Thomas says this congregation is made up of very poor people yet very rich in faith. They are also from an untouchable caste who survive by collecting waste from the streets and gathering food from the trash heaps. When they become Christians and leave idol worship behind, they are excommunicated and have a very difficult life. This church needs a new roof at a cost of $700. If you would like to help any of these churches, please designate your gift for India.

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