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Feed My People Orphanage In Tenali India Adds 3 Brothers

We recently received this picture of three precious young boys from Reverend Thomas in India. Our hearts were touched as we read the tragic story of their young lives. These brothers were born into a low caste in a colony that makes their homes in fields near the Feed My People orphanage in Tenali. The land owner allowed their parents to construct a humble temporary shelter in his rice field. They lived there year round and they and their parents hunted rats in the field for food. To earn a little money, the parents would catch cobras and sell them for their skin. In April this year, an incident occurred that would change these boys lives forever. Both parents were bitten by a cobra that slipped from their hands, immediately killing them. After the parents died, the landowner tore down their home and sent these boys away. One of the church members brought the boys to the Feed My People orphanage, and as they have so many other times, made room for them and welcomed them.

I’m sure they were afraid and unsure of what would happen to them, but Reverend Thomas assures us they have all adjusted well and are happy now. While at home with their parents they did not have the opportunity to attend school. However, Surya has now started attending school and the younger ones will have the same opportunity when they are old enough . Please pray for these brothers to continue to do well as they learn about the love Jesus has for them. Your gifts continue to provide food, shelter, clothing, education and Biblical training for these brothers and the other 230 India orphans we support.

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