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Allan & Harle Eliason Scholarship Fund Update

In the March 2013 newsletter, we introduced the Allan and Harle Eliason Scholarship Fund. Since then, several of you have donated to help deserving young people involved in the ministries supported by Global Outreach to be able to further their education. Two students in India and three students in Congo have been awarded scholarships for the 2013-2014 school year.

Thank you for investing in the lives and futures of these young people.

India: Kamala, age 18

Kamala was rescued from a dangerous lifestyle which included working at a brothel. She spent two years at Feed My People home and completed the medical training program. Now she is studying to be a nurse and plans to use her training to help the poor.

India: Joshua, age 21

As the son of parents with leprosy, Joshua was raised in the Feed My People Orphanage along with his brother and sister for the past 14 years. He has completed high school and is now a student in the lab technician two year program.

Congo: Asumani, age 24

Asumani works with the CCC orphans on every school break. He has a desire to work at CCC when he completes his degree in Management.

Congo: Chantal, age 27

Chantal serves as a translator for mission teams that visit CCC. She is working on a degree in Computer Science.

Congo: Salama, age 20

Salama serves as a translator for mission teams at CCC. She is working to complete a degree in Development Studies.

To make a donation to the Allan & Harle Eliason Scholarship Fund please visit our donation page:

To see pictures of all the scholarship winners please download our September 2013 newsletter:

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